BBB Interactive Business Reviews are Now Operational

July 9, 2011

Your new BBB Business Review, is now interactive! Now more than ever, consumers are looking to BBB to find reliable businesses.
Business Reviews offer interactive, easy to search reports allowing consumers to find the information they want sooner. BBB Business Reviews offers new features and improves older features to create an enhanced consumer experience.

New Features Include:

  • Highlight your BBB Accreditation. Prominently display your Accredited Business seal and Accreditation start date at the top of your review. Different colours emphasize the difference between accredited businesses and non-accredited businesses.
  • Upload photos and videos. Visually show off your products, services, employees and facilities.
  • Emphasize your professional affiliations, certifications and awards.
  • Educate consumers. Tell them about your hours of operation, refund/exchange policy and service area.
  • Drive Sales. Offer coupons and allow consumers to “Request a Quote” through your Business Review.

Tabbed Layout. View and access different sections of the review quickly and easily.

Add Professional Video to Your Business Review!
Animax Design Group will help you develop professional infomercials, testimonial video and photos for your BBB Business Review. To find out more about integrating multimedia into your BBB Business Review and to receive a discounted rate contact Steve Noble of Animax Design Group at 587-225-6370 or visit

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