by Steven Noble

eMarketing and ePromotion is a multi-layered combination of tools that is as individual as the clients we meet.  Our first discussion is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your vision and then to add our ideas and planning in a logical and sequential plan that makes sense for you and to boost your visibility.
Social meeting places encourage people to connect, to interact, and to act.  We’ll discuss places like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Linkedin and others.  Social media is part planning, part time management, fresh and relevant content mixed in with a great deal of customer focused enthusiasm.  Together we will map out a strategy that is right for you.
We offer SEO services as an essential part of your broader marketing campaign plans.  We will discuss the relevance of relevant content, organic search vs pay-per-click (ppc), link building, blogging, keyword selection, the value of statistics and measurement and more.  Recent studies have shown that consumers are about 12 times more likely to buy your products and services after finding your site through organic search engine results than all other methods of advertising. 80% of people also trust organic search methods more than a ppc method. Let us show you.
]Developing the right content and editorial strategy will make a huge difference in the success of your site and business. We will design a blog that can be incorporated into your website to ensure your visitors are kept up to date with your business. We’ll show you how easy it is to use in a step by step process.