by Steven Noble

Meeting, greeting, showing, selling, developing, growing, planning, organizing, delegating, campaign development, fundraising, networking and more are all part of your daily efforts.  The last item you need to worry about or schedule more time is for website management, maintenance & support of web edits. We also understand the need to have confidence in the people managing and maintaining your site. Having fresh websites generate brand and client loyalty.

When your website malfunctions, it demerits your reputation not just in the eye of search engines but most importantly, in your customers.  When ignored problems on your site can be portrayed as unprofessional and prove to be a setback for your business. If not practiced, it may result into serious consequences technically and/or visibly. Website maintenance guarantees smooth functioning of a site, especially its operational aspects.

At ADG Media we specialize in Website Management:

  • Testing after every edit
  • Full backup copy of your website
  • Current and accurate content and consultations for keeping your site fresh
  • Add new or upcoming events, products, services, changes and additions
  • Additions of your latest news item, calendar event or announcements
  • New member listings, staffing changes updates
  • Additions of photos, graphics, graphs and charts
  • Shopping cart updates
  • Ensure client updates are serviced in a timely manner
  • Image editing and preparation for web and print
  • Site facelifts and makeovers consultation
  • Fresh marketing and promotional ideas – ADG Media is your
    ‘one-stop shop’ for development & creative keeping cost
    centers centralized therefore cost effective