by Steven Noble

Crafting Your Vision into a Powerful Online Presence

At ADG Media, we believe that businesses, organizations, companies, products, and services deserve nothing but the finest online representation. We are meticulous about the details, devoted to the finishing touches, and passionate about creating a captivating user experience. Our approach is all about attention to detail, relevant and optimized content, and the pursuit of technical excellence.

Investing in a new website for your business is a significant decision, and it’s one that can yield remarkable results. However, it’s essential to grasp the website design and development process fully. This knowledge empowers you to stay one step ahead and have a clear understanding of what to anticipate when partnering with ADG Media.

The timeline for your project is influenced by various factors and typically spans between 4 to 12 weeks, ensuring ample time for regular communication, feedback, and approval stages.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • 30 Days of Post-Launch Support: We stand by our work and offer comprehensive support to ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of the features outlined in your project quotation. For the first 30 days following the website’s launch, you can count on us. (After 30 days: All website development maintenance, support, consultation, and minor development work will be subject to our hourly rate).
  • Domain Registration and Hosting: For a seamless experience, we provide domain registration and website hosting on our dedicated Canadian servers. You can trust our secure and reliable hosting services, available 24/7, ensuring your online presence is consistently accessible.

Your journey to a remarkable online presence starts here. Let ADG Media transform your vision into an exceptional reality.

Just a few of the ADG Media web clients we have had over the years

Ashlar College
Aarrow Media Productions
Advanced Technology Systems
Barry Casson/Drum Boy
Brooke Miller / ReMax
Byron Houston
Call Me Sugar
Cameron Group International
Clean Power Plus
Coast Mountain Benefits Inc
Colonial Railings
Connor Financial
Davy Son of Bigfoot
Dean Park Estates
Down and Dirty DV with Anthony Artis
Fusion Artistry

Gamut Productions
Gustavson Capital
Grand Chapter of BC & Yukon
Haida Lodge
Hardline Productions Theatre Society
Innovative Ag
Its You Photography
Jen Manseau
Koeye Lake Documentary
Langley Freemasons
Laston Lastoff Productions Inc
Lekker Food Distributors
Life Circle Ceremonies
Luxton Spring Fair
Maxxam Insurance
Mint Designs
Oakville Mews

Pacific Audio Works
Paul Servos
Parker Johnson
Presentation House Theatre
Raven Sky Productions
Red Patch
Shawnigan Station
Sidney Business Association
Simply More Inc.
Stone Age Marble
The Educator
Tide Lines Productions/Ocean Gybe
Tribe of Healers
Townside Automotive
Trevs Adventure Tours
Westport Brewery

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